lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

Italian newspapers Front Pages

BBC News - At the beginning: "Mountains, frost with the unions."Below: "The pitfall of too many non-forgetting growth." Editorial Ernesto Galli della Loggia: "The node to be cut." Shoulder: "Controls needed intrusive bureaucracy." At the center fotonotizia: "When the referee apologized." Even in the middle: "The calculations of evasion in the last 30 years has grown by 5 times." Below: "Killed to 16 years for a cigarette."
THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Monti-unions, it's breaking." Below: "The need for social justice." Editorial Gustavo Zagrebelsky: "The democracy without parties." At the center: "Turin and the raid antirom The girl: 'Excuse me." Next, fotonotizia: "The women recapture the square 'Only with us you exit from the crisis.'"Shoulder: "Italy distrust the RAI-Tg Set and seeks freedom on the Internet." Below: "So Russia is born in my civil liberty." Next: "In the queue at the Apple Store where Christmas is digital."
THE PRESS - Opening: "Monti does not convince the unions."Editorial Ricolfi Luke: "To cut you have to study." At the center fotonotizia: "Turin asked about the raid of shame." Shoulder: "Climate, but there the agreement act of 2020". Below: "Nature does not wait for the man."
THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Fall of the banking secrecy". At the center, fotonotizia: "The former dancer Scosche protest against the TV trash." Comment by Alessandro Sallusti shoulder: "What a pity the 'Minzolicidi' frustrated and fearful." Below: "The Italians sick of laziness."
IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The house door to treasury 53 billion." Editorial Gualtiero Tamburini: "The little brick such severity and development." At the center: "Strict on debts of enterprises." Shoulder: "Old-age pension or early, so change the exit age."
THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Unions: yes to strike." Below: "Work and school, here's the plan development." Editorial by Paul Francis Casavola: "If we go back the nightmare of racism."At the center fotonotizia: "Luis Enrique plays the future." Even in the middle: "Killed to 16 years for a cigarette." Below: "All the tests in record time, but the university does not graduate." Below: "From the panettone stuffed Sexy Befana Christmas is no longer what it once was." ".
TIME - Opening: "A refusal dishonorable." Mario Sechi Editorial: "The transition will last 10 years the Professor." At the center fotonotizia: "Mountains and the summit of the strike." Below: "sixteen year old killed for a cigarette."
UNITY '- Opening: "Monti does not convince the unions." At the center fotonotizia: "A country for women." Vittorio Emiliani's comment: "Shortcuts dangerous." The analysis of Antonello Post: "We share the South." Below: "Fassino: 'Turin can not accept this violence.'" (IlVelino / AGV)

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