domenica 8 gennaio 2012

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"Italy has the highest, Europe is weak, time to act." These are the words of the Prime Minister, Mario Monti, at the end of a working lunch hour and a half in Paris with French Prime Minister Francois Fillon. France and Italy "hand in hand", he assured the prime minister has also met the Elysee French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has confirmed the words of Fillon and stressed the "complete identity of views between France and Italy." Sarkozy also said that the "catastrophe of today" was caused by the fact that "anything was possible. The model of deregulation is blind.We can not let it continue. " The two leaders will meet at the Rome Summit of 20 January and will also attend the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a trilateral economic issues that will serve to prepare the ground for the Eurogroup of 23 January and the European Council of 30 January. "If the EU does not manage to squeeze out its integration improved competitiveness and greater efficiency, is unlikely to return to growth," said Monti will present next week at Palazzo Chigi an initial package of liberalization and reform of the early labor market "The crisis exposed the weaknesses of Europe - said the prime minister-.The imbalance aggregate eurozone in terms of public finance is not particularly strong, even the United States, United Kingdom and Japan have a more pronounced public debt, but the EU has the imbalances within it. " The Prime Minister added that "the main risk of the crisis is the birth and development of basic misunderstandings between peoples of Member States. We need to stop what he was born to unite the Europeans to become a divisive factor. If not resolved the crisis in the eurozone there is a risk of division. Europe has proved to be weaker than we thought and this was particularly the difficulties to cope with a crisis that does not concern the euro but the financial aspects and budget of some countries. " Corrado Passera Minister of Economic Development, also in Paris, said that "if we want to save Europe we have to work consistently on fiscal consolidation and then in an integrated manner on economic growth and integration," because the EU " each country is different "and should contribute, as Italy is doing that is a" typical case ".Passera said structural measures implemented by our country, as the pension reform is "a more balanced reform in Europe" and noted that Italy has a primary surplus this year, almost one per cent we will go more than 4 in two years. " (IlVelino / AGV)

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