martedì 17 gennaio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

BBC News - At the opening: "Mutiny to save the passengers." On the left, in two boxes: "Below, the deep, and with oil in the belly" and "A perverse concept of leadership." Bottom: "Dragons: The situation has worsened" and "Attack Equitalia with three bombs."
THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Mutiny on the Concordia. 'Enough, we evacuate the ship.' " Below, "Race against time already dirty oil to the sea." Left: "Dragons: a serious crisis. S & P also rejects the Fund save-states. " Below: "The world war debts," Analysis of Andrea Bonanni.
SOLE24ORE - Opening: "Dragons: very serious crisis, act now."Right: "Mountains: Germany to do more to countries with high debt." Below: "A grand coalition is", Stefano Folli point and "Back to the hypothesis of spin-off the gas network." Left: "Competition means fairness." In the middle: "S & P does not scare the stock. Milan rooms, spread slightly down "
THE PRESS - Opening: "Dragons: 'The picture is worse. Very serious crisis. " Editorial Marcello Sorgi: "The road must for parties." At the center, fotonotizia: "The mystery of Concord, 'I have lost forty.'" In a box: "Dossier. Cabbies and goldsmiths from a thousand euros a month. "
THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Sarkozy, slap Mountains", by Alessandro Sallusti. At the center, fotonotizia: "Sofri is a free man. But his sentence has never granted. " In low-cut: "The calls they hold the commander."
ITALY TODAY - Opening: "The IRS is already in the bank." In the middle: "S & P cut the rating of full EU-saving states. Greece to default. Dragons: serious situation. " Below: "In the barracks the new schools."
MESSENGER - Opening: "Delays and chaos, increase the missing." Left: "The oil slick on Italy"; editorial Graldi Paul. A center of the page: "Dragons: serious situation." In a box: "Vegas: Europe investigates, rating agencies unreliable." Below: "Sofri free returns after 22 years."
TIME - Opening: "The grave truth of Dragons". Mario Sechi Editorial: "The Middle Ages technocratic." At the center, fotonotizia: "It is deeply hope." Right: "Fear and distrust of alliances in the shade."
UNITY '- Opening: "The alarm Mountains and Dragons." Below: "Clear Choice" by Francis Cundari. At the center, fotonotizia: "Graveyard of steel". Bottom: rocesso Mills, close to Berlusconi's prescription. (IlVelino / AGV)

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