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Berlusconi complained to Obama: "In Italy dictatorship of the courts of the left"

Prime Minister at the G8 has a two-minute conversation with the President of the United States. And the CCTV cameras record the criticism of the judiciary. For IDV and PD is "the umpteenth bad impression to the world." Donadi: "He will ask NATO to bomb the prosecution." Vendola: "An incredible scene." Palamara (ANM): "Grave abroad denigrate the judiciary, just used"

In Italy, "we have almost a dictatorship of judges to the left." The prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is displeased with U.S. President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the G8. But it is "fished" from the records of the closed-loop summit. "We have lodged a judicial reform that is crucial for us - we hear the Prime Minister, who chatter for a few minutes with Obama with the help of the interpreter before the session devoted to the issue of nuclear safety - because right now we have almost a dictatorship of judges of the left. "

The new prime minister's attack against the judiciary is staged at the international level. Change the scenario, a summit of the G8 agenda with Libya and Syria in the crisis over the nuclear issue, but the contents remain unchanged for the Knight. Sparking renewed controversy. Beginning with the National Association of Magistrates, which calls the prime minister to respect "a key institution of the state," said the chairman Luca Palamara. "It 's very serious that it happened abroad and that a fundamental institution of the state is denigrated in the eyes of one of the most powerful heads of state in the world."

Immediate reactions policies. Casini for the prime minister "has lost the sense of the scale." "An incredible scene," according to Nichi Vendola. "Another poor showing to the world," said Alessandro Maran, Vice President of Members of the Democratic Party. While Leoluca Orlando IDV "'Berlusconi continues to cast discredit on our country." The statements "made to Obama are just confirmation of what has little respect for the Italians, the Constitution and the balance between the three powers that form the basis of our democratic system," said the spokesman IDV. "To him again: face the accused instead of the Prime Minister and stop attacking the judiciary daily. His government will be remembered as the lowest moment of the whole history of the Republic, "he concludes.

Maran, however, notes that in two minutes to interview the Prime Minister has talked about justice and not international political agenda. "Berlusconi had a meeting of two minutes, 120 seconds with the president of the United States. And guess what our Prime Minister has had Barack Obama delaying the opening of the summit and angry Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel? On the quasi dictatorship of judges left in Italy. Sure, the topics on the agenda of the 'big meeting at Deauville in France are the Arab spring, the decision on a possible financial support to North African countries in transition towards democracy, the situation in the Middle East, the succession to the leadership of the IMF . But Berlusconi has only one obsession, and we, before the world, we make another look bad. "

Massimo Donadi, president of the IDV in the House, said he was "speechless. Berlusconi shames us again. His gaffes and his incredible statements discrediting Italy on the international scene. This time it fell to Obama listen to his ravings. It is now out of control, in a little 'ask NATO to bomb the prosecution. "

As the leader of Sel, Nichi Vendola, defines the events "unbelievable. While in Italy, as authoritatively denounced the bishops themselves growing anger and anguish of the poor for the social situation of the country and the South, and invite the policy to be more serious, the current head of government is better than anything disturbing world leaders with his own obsessions: the courts, judges, judges, left, left, left. "

The UDC leader Pier Ferdinando Casini, is queued to criticism. "I think we are losing the sense of the scale. This is what you know, who knows what will be said again, "he says. "Either you laugh or cry - added Casini - perhaps it is better to smile today."

Editor of IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO May 26, 2011

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