lunedì 27 giugno 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The case of the shakes P4 Finance". In high-cut: "I resign from Rockstar." Massimo Mucchetti Editorial: "The underground power." Shoulder: "Deleting a shame save the bipolar system." In the middle photo-news: "Gaddafi shows his warrior" and "In the match between Val di Susa No TAV groups and thousands of agents." In a box: "Waste, the miracle of Gomorrah." In the low-cut: "Health, love and money, the risk of relying on the guru" and "Revenge of the Lombards."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Brawl in the government on the operation" and the background: "The prime minister exclaims: 'Giulio went crazy'." Left: "collapses the Knight, the movement grows 'invisible'". Shoulder: "The release of Chinese dissidents without freedom." In the middle photo-news: "Waste in Naples, the wrath of Caldoro. Alarm-health for children "and" GDF, two other generals in the P4 network. " In the low-cut: "Culture, museums, cinemas, a $ 68 billion."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Government, Tremonti clash on" and high-cut: "'Open the site'. Val di Susa armored for the work of Tav "and" Mayors compare new project on the line 'light'. " Editorial by Gian Enrico Rusconi, "The excitement of political inaction." Shoulder: "The Wrath of Caldoro: 'I do not pay faults of others'" and "Copyright. Control the court. " In the middle photo-news: "Vasco: 'Sixty years of rock star I resign." At bottom: "."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Federalism and rewritten". Editorial Forquet Fabrizio: "A real scope for growth and for the rigor." At the center of the photo-news: "The first time in Poland. Warsaw on Friday to help the European Union ". Shoulder: "VAT, charges, notices. The IRS change step "and" Overtaking energy. More solar wind. " In the low-cut, "Bei ready to finance the enterprise networks of SMEs" and "On the public works strategy in two steps to cut costs."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Tremonti on the ropes" and to the left: "Waste, the wrath of Caldoro: 'I will not pay for another 15 years of mistakes'". Editorial Sallusti of Alexander: "persecuted, but not all the culprits." At the center of the photo-news: "From AM to reporters, the network of Woodcock." Shoulder: "Milan bows but prohibits churches and mosques." At the bottom of page: "A couple of tips to slag a minister."

THE TIME - Opening: "They leave yellow torched." At the center of the photo-news: "Caldoro: 'I do not pay for others'."

THE PACKAGE - Opening: "When the lights go out." In the low-cut "more colored than white children. And the new America. "

UNIT - Opening photo-page news to all: "The price of the right". In high-cut: "Bossi Berlusconi: 'Do not pull the rope'."

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