lunedì 4 luglio 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Assault on the Tav, 188 officers injured." In high-cut: "The sister of Thaskin triumphs and becomes prime minister" and "Strauss-Kahn lynched only because powerful." Angelo Panebianco's editorial: "The three barriers to the Secretary." Shoulder: "Ambiguity unacceptable". In the middle: "The red regions reject the waste arriving from Naples," "Cars and taxes, the First Republic is not over" and "Orders and the merit that depends on the city." In a box: "Dear Santoro believe me, because freedom is one." In the low-cut: "The crisis and the hardest task: to give birth to a different world" and "'The Farewell Cetto Whatever'."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Tav, the day of battle in the Susa Valley." Editorial by Carlo Galli: "The duty to distinguish." Shoulder: "The labor of Sisyphus happy to save democracy" and "My no to Brazil Baptists." In the middle: "maneuver on the high seas, freezing Quirinale" and two boxes: "The PDL, a party in the middle" and "La Russa Bossi: 'The dead in Kabul useless words and too cynical'." In the low-cut: "The plan of the structure Rai Delta: 'It should be organized as Forza Italy'."

THE PRESS - Opening: "No Tav, guerrillas in the Susa Valley" and high-cut: "Thailand led by a forty", "Stop at the banquet on the flesh of the bear" and "Energy and food. The challenges of the century. " Michele Brambilla Editorial: "The difference between a train and a coup." Shoulder, "the challenge of self-Scooter parking" and "The Secrets of the club pyramid scams." In the middle: "maneuver, the cutter turns up bills." At the bottom of page: "On the grave of Jim, 40 years of tears and marijuana."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The tax authorities of the armed truce." Raffaello Lupi editorial: "The mirage of the right balance." At the center of the photo-news: "Specialization save the business. Positive results for electronic and optical chains. " Shoulder: "State, here is the account for each category" and "The small schools will lose their head." In the low-cut: "30 billion for research and innovation for European SMEs" and "assistance, sports, culture, the activities of volunteers is 400 thousand jobs."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Santoro and Mentone on probation", with editorial by Victor Felts. At the center of the photo-story "No TAV He writes, reads Br" and "Cicchitto: with Alfano reopen its doors to moderate UDC." Shoulder: "Cut? All those who invoke them, but it is processed "and" The new challenge of the PDL: an understanding heart. " At bottom: "DSK and the folly of believing every man a feminist pig" and "That UN plan to isolate Israel."

THE TIME - Opening: "Left pensions."

THE PACKAGE - Opening: "Who Framed Strauss-Kahn?". Editorial by Giuliano Ferrara, "The fool is anathema to the parties as the defense of civil society."

UNIT - Opening photo-page news to all: "power vacuum". In high-cut: "Rai in total chaos. 'We need class action'. "

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