martedì 2 agosto 2011


BBC News - On the opening "Down Bags, Italy still targeted." Editorial Francesco Giavazzi: "Last chance for a breakthrough." A center of the page: "The hold, gas, screaming to get out." At the bottom of page: "Welcome to the South (with one hundred and praise)."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Collapse of markets, Italy thud". Shoulder: "Crisis in the classroom, then Prime Minister seen the social partners. Bersani: 'Now we vote'. " A center of the page: "Lampedusa, 'They were screaming to get out, dead in the hold'. Immigrants riot, violent clashes in Bari and Croton. "

THE PRESS - Opening: "Nothing actually uses, Bags ko." Alberto Bisin Editorial: "The sins cerchiamole at home." Shoulder. "Writers can be friends." A center of the page: "In 25 suffocated in the hold" and "Six hours of guerrilla warfare in Bari."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Bags, the U.S. is not saving enough." Editorial Mario Margiocco: "Debt, America and forced cuts." At the center of the page. "Growth, the Government shall convene the parties." Shoulder. "Convincing the markets? They serve only the facts. "

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "You double the pay." Alessandro Sallusti Editorial: "No, no mess." Shoulder: "European shares fall. The Obama plan is not enough. " A center of the page: "But let the sea." At the bottom of page: "Who steals the left-handed but still a thief."

FREE - Opening: "this is who is the man who sunk the Democratic Party." Maurizio Belpietro editorial: "The left discovers the danger pm". Shoulder. "Governments neglect the GDP and the markets punish them."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "They sink European shares". Editorial Mario pear: "The ugly American trial." A center of the page: "suffocated in the hold." At the bottom of page: "Love Letters in Parolise" and "Rome from the Gianicolo puppets a smile half-century"

THE TIME - Opening. "Only eleven ladies for a 'snip'." Editorial Mario Sechi: "Better that nicks the sea." A center of the page: "Use the effect is disappointing. The stock exchanges sink ". Shoulder: "Berlusconi back in Parliament."

UNITA '- Opening: "Death of hope". In high-cut: "Berlusconi moves, the stock market goes down." At the bottom of the page. "Solidarity in Bologna no reminding the government."

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