venerdì 12 agosto 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The government is speeding up, here's the plan." The editorial by Ferruccio De Bortoli: "An emergency, three conditions". In the middle: "Bossi threatens the crisis did not convince me." In a box, the fotonotizia: "The gangs and brooms." Below: "'I killed him, I do not want solidarity'."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "Crisis, the sting of the government." At the center: "A super-tax over 90 thousand euros." Shoulder, right: "The scandal of the menu at bargain prices." Below: "Eto'o in Dagestan sample hedge funds." And again: "Why does the world look at the puppies on the net

THE PRESS - Opening: "A tax on high incomes." Marcello Sorgi's editorial: "The last resort". Shoulder: "Cameron: iron fist on social networks." At the center, the fotonotizia: "My single life" and "I'm with the rebels in London."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Tremonti is not convincing." At the center, the fotonotizia: "The Supreme Court Commissioner Woodcock the executioner." Comment by Vittorio Needled: "How many bad choices but you can still remedy".

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Additional 5-10% over 90 thousand euros." Middle: Short sales, stop the EU ".

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Down with the anti-crisis plan is confrontation." The editorial by Paul Pombeni: "The good example is missing." In the middle: "Bags, Wall Street again. Milan gained 4.1%. " In a box: "The choice of the League: early voting in 2012." Bottom: "London, no more social networks." And again: "The scam of false guides to the restaurant: lunch with the tourists, escape with the bill."

FREE - Opening: "Gee, they raise taxes." The editorial by Maurizio Belpietro: "At this rate, Italy will rip in two." In the middle: "And the caste eats almost nothing." And again: "If Fini is due back by Mr. Alfano." Shoulder, right: "strategic error. Europe asked us to cut. "

THE TIME - Opening: "A maneuver by Dragons". The editorial by Mario Sechi: "Save Italy is not too smart." In the middle: "menu at bargain prices." Below: "Robber minicar to 15 years."

UNITA '- Opening: "The Sting is never enough." In the middle: "Deck the Halls".

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