sabato 10 settembre 2011


Il Corriere della Sera - The editorial by Ernesto Galli della Loggia: "Conservatives and housing." At the opening: "Clash on Italy, the stock markets fall." In the middle: "The counter Berlusconi: I am not afraid enough of the investigations of the superpower am." Along with news photos: "Attack Israeli Embassy." Bottom: "The doctors and the secret of 'Scratchy'."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "'Stop aid to Italy', ECB crisis." Shoulder: "The school here is good education we want." Left: "'No one can blackmail me' the prime minister tries to avoid the interrogation of the PM." In the middle: "From Bush to Giuliani: What I thought the September 11". Bottom: "The queer and scratch the Titanic when the examination is madness."

THE PRINT-Opening: "Aid to Italy, storm on the ECB." Mario Deaglio Editorial: "Germany under too much it hurts." In the middle: "San Diego, 4 million in the dark for a mistake." Below: "Graduates-precarious, the war of the new school." Shoulder: "September 11, the nightmare returns to New York terrorist attacks."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "ECB on bond in crisis: the stock exchanges sink". Comments: "The war Jurgen Stark, the lone soldier" and "If the answer is wrong is right on 'Mr. No'." Top right: "The CDS becomes popular without the 'instructions'." In the middle: "Marcegaglia: The government is acting or go away."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "The plots of bungling." "The hatred for Italy splits the German Central Bank and destroys markets," editorial by Victor Felts. In high-cut with photo: "Emma is fighting with itself" and center: "These 'coincidences' that save the Democratic Party." Bottom: "The bad teachers prefer jokes to Al Qaeda."

FREE - In the opening vignette of Benny, "the final assault on Silvio." Editorial Maurizio Belpietro. In the middle: "Consultancy of the golden man Penati". Right: "The law of pork", Filippo Facci.

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Aid to Italy, it splits the ECB." Louis Paganetto editorial: "The severe tearing of Berlin." In high-cut: "'The government is acting, or draw the consequences'". In the middle: "Berlusconi: I fear the investigations clear the dominance of the judges." In a box: "New York, September 11 alarm hunting season three terrorists." Below: "'Pedophilia, the parish pay'."

ITALY TODAY - Opening: "Shaking the ECB meeting." In the middle: "The attacks Fiom President of Tuscany to the conflict of interest with the Targetti". In the low-cut, "Pa, opposition does not expire."

UNITA '- Opening: "Europe is at risk." Paolo Soldini's analysis: "The Italian case" and the comment Curdari Francis: "Keeping subcontractors." In the low-cut, "Back to school under the blows of the center."

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