mercoledì 21 settembre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The government under siege." Shoulder: "'Naples is not competent' The investigation goes to Rome. The editorial by Sergio Romano: "A possible solution." Fotonotizia center: "The Inter pieces, Novara in the party." Bottom: "If justice order to predict the earthquake."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "downgraded Italy, by Berlusconi." Editorial Massimo Giannini: "The sinking line." In the middle: "The investigating magistrate: in Rome the investigation Tarantini." Shoulder: "Farewell to Europe's big turkish". Bottom: "Help, has shrunk (too) Greenland".

THE PRESS - Opening: "Triple alarm for Italy". Editorial by Bill Emmott: "The sin of consistency." Fotonotizia: "The Wall Street indignados". At the center: "In Rome Tarantini the investigation." Below: "Napolitano round of consultations to verify the tightness of the government." Still down: "Miss A came from the country of 'men'."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Woodcock has failed." Editorial by Victor Felts: "The class of donkeys can not give ratings." Fotonotizia center: "The IRS wants 10 million by the publisher of Unity". Bottom: Neurosis Marcegaglia on taxes and unions. "

FREE - Opening: "Silvio pm disgraced by incompetent". Maurizio Belpietro Editorial: "A wrong maneuver and blind opposition. So we end up in Serie B ". At the center of the fotonotizia "Ghedini Lavitola wanted to lead."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "downgraded Italy, emergency growth." Roberto Napoletano editorial: "Mr. President, first of all Italy." Above: "Ghizzoni not send back to the business plan." Shoulder, right: "The Parliament, the Quirinal and the bunker: the decisive day." Bottom: "The ECB supports the BTP, the Milan Stock Exchange recovers."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Crisis, ultimatum to the government." Alberto Gentili's editorial: "If Rome pays more than all the Veneto". At the center of the fotonotizia: "Lampedusa, riot and flames immigrants fleeing from the center," always at the center: "In Rome, Taranto in the case." Bottom: "At the end of life after the robbery" and "Time of September."

THE TIME - Opening: "The case of the incompetent." The editorial by Mario Sechi: "The Knight comes out? The Italietta remains. " At the center, the fotonotizia: "The stop Napolitano." Shoulder: "The rating agencies should be closed." Below: "snatching. It's dying. "

UNITA '- At the center fotonotizia: "Berlusconi Italy downgrades." The editorial by Claudio Sardo: "Resignation immediately." Comment by Massimo D'Antoni: "Do not you leave the euro." Above: "Secession outside of history." Below: "Blackmail the Premier. The GIP: the investigation is not up to Naples. "

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "The download all. Even the butler. " Editorial Marco Travaglio: "The malavitola". Below: "Lampedusa, the CPA in flames: the anger of Africans desperate." Fotonotizia: "Bossi is outside of history."

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