lunedì 12 settembre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Obama: We have no fear." Editorial Maurizio Ferrera, "The hidden truths of the welfare state." A center of the page: "Berlusconi and European trip: 'I'm going for the good of the country, the crisis has over the judges'". Below: "Cowardice is so widespread that we do not even notice" and "Obituary for his captor."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "America, the pain and hope." In the middle: "Fini liquid Berlusconi: his reign is over." Shoulder: "In Greece, the last chance to avert the crisis of the euro". At the bottom of page: "Those films about immigrants in the country of the mainland" and "the season starts again in the name of Juventus."

THE PRESS - Opening: "'It is a day of rebirth'." Shoulder: "Berlusconi did not run away from the PM" and "No one is saved alone." At bottom: "Back in the classroom for eight million students."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "If they are victims." Editorial Sallusti of Alexander: "The pitfalls patriotic." In the middle: "Look, America has applauded Obama's only for the 'Warrior' Bush." Shoulder: "They are worse than the horns, or boredom?". At the bottom of page: "The Sleeping Beauty in the shady".

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "In the City Treasury a 'parallel'." Editorial Massimo Bordignon: "Federalism is another thing." Shoulder: "September the stock market with bated breath." In the middle: "From the middle of Lombardy and Lazio levy on the super-rich" and "New Egypt opens doors for SMEs".

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "America, silence and tears" and in a box: "Metaphor is a tragedy." Editorial by George Israel: "The useless nuovismo no content". At the center of news photos: 'Rome on the ground, Luis Enrique on trial "and" Alfano curry the PDL:' Who does not believe the remains out of range '. " Below: "'That game had so many times,'" and "Thor's hammer or screwdriver? If you can answer the quiz to become a doctor. "

THE TIME - Opening: "links on the dollar." Editorial Ruggero Guarini: "Dear children on the shelves today ...". At the center of news photos: "Louis Enrique Flop" and "Alfano: just fights. Street who does not fit. " At bottom: "Girl catches fire on her father's grave" and "Fans of hardcore sex defend the engineer."

UNIT - Opening news photos: "If the bell rings." In high-cut: "Berlusconi European embarrassment." Shoulder: "The real estate lock" and "The Right and the Catholics."

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