martedì 4 ottobre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Amanda cries acquitted in court." In the middle: "The Fiat breaks with Confindustria". Editorial Dario Di Vico: "A harmful separation." In a search box: "Faith on remand, Minetti and Mora for the Ruby case." Bottom: "The screams of the workers under the rubble." To the right of intervention by President Giorgio Napolitano, Mino Martinazzoli: "Meekness and the limits of politics: an example".

REPUBLIC - Opening: "Amanda and Raffaele free." Shoulder: "Fiat Confindustria leaves: 'It's politics'." Comment by Massimo Giannini just below: "The last snag Marchionne." In the middle: "Elections, Bossi attacks Maroni." At the bottom of the controversy: "The Phantom of the minister Gelmini rejected." Always at the bottom: "Goodbye dear old TV, the schedule is born do-it-yourself".

THE PRESS - Opening fotonotizia: "Amanda and Raffaele acquitted: 'Not Meredith killed'." Right Carlo Federico Grosso commented: "We could not decide otherwise." Shoulder: "Confindustria and Fiat says goodbye to confirm the plan." Mario Deaglio editorial: "The real game for the country." Above: "It is a crumbling building, five women die." In a search box: "Medicine, Nobel Prize to three immunologists. But one is dead. " In another search box: "Mediobanca Valley comes from the covenant." In the center background: "Vote early under the lens of the Quirinal Palace." Bottom: "The Turin of calcium and found pride."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Fiat salutes and leaves." Nicola Porro Fund Opening with the title. Editorial by Victor Felts: "And the League becomes a good cover for all the pots." Fotonotizia center: "Amanda and Raffaele acquitted. Pm are to be condemned. " Right to centropagina: "For there is the process Cav-flash: Ruby judges do not stop." At bottom right: "Vendola in trouble: 'He knew all the chaos health'." In the bottom right of the provocation Vittorio Sgarbi: "If you can do it Lavitola Sofri writes." Bottom Center Marcello Veneziani, "Fraticelli of Italy, back in San Francisco."

FREE - Opening: "Fiat license." Top right: porcellum, Grilli. Interceptions. Already the crisis is over? ". Right: "One can not help being in Rome Padania". Also in the lower right: "The Democratic Party agrees on one thing: to liquidate Bersani". At the center: "a fool for justice in world vision."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Confindustria, Fiat tear." Alberto Orioli Editorial: "The virus of political taboos to be overcome." Top right: "Rasmussen: In Libya, Italy reliable ally." At the center of Morya Longo comment: "The price of distrust". In the middle: "Dragons: Funding difficult for the banks." Below: "How difficult to find the truth in an Italian trial."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Amanda and Raffaele acquitted." The editorial by Alessandro Barbano: "Inquiry with too many holes." At the center: "In Seattle, as in a day of celebration." At the center of the fotonotizia: "a building collapses on a laboratory, death five women, aged 14." Right to centropagina: "The Fiat out of Confindustria. Marcegaglia: unfounded reasons. " Comment on the right: "This weakens the country." Bottom left: "He won the Nobel Prize but he is dead." In the center a search box: "Totti accelerates recovery for the derby." Right: "Boom in China tourists in the city of Roman centurions."

THE TIME - Opening fotonotizia: "Amanda not, then who?". The editorial by David Giacalone: ​​"Forget Perugia." Middle: Marchionne Marcegaglia fires. " Comments to the center: "Bersani and the Democratic Party are 'crippled'" and "Electoral Reform, does not return to the past". To the right in the case centropagina Ruby: "Look for the judges does not count." Bottom Maurizio Costanzo: "I am a lyricist of Sunday."

UNITA '- At the center fotonotizia: "Fiat breaks Confindustria". The editorial by Peter Spataro: "Derive unacceptable". Left analysis Ronny Mazzocchi: "Democracy is empty." Below: "Knox and Sollecito acquitted: 'They have killed Meredith'." At the bottom center: "Ruby, the process goes forward. According to Faith, Minetti and Mora. " At bottom right: "Greece is scary. Markets in red. " Also in the lower right: "a building collapses, ignored the alarm."

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Gags to the magistrates." Editorial Marco Travaglio: "Opposition without his knowledge." Left: "Ruby case, the regret of messed B. bunga bunga." In the middle: "Taxes, Equitalia juice." Down in a search box: "Amanda and Raffaele acquitted, who killed Meredith?". Bottom left: "Collapse of Barletta, 'creaks and cracks but zero action". Comment by Mark Onado: "Merkel's strongest banks". Below: "Condemning the eight fighters who beat up Bonsu".

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