mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Italy, another heavy rejection." The editorial by Ferruccio De Bortoli, "Torn Curtain". Shoulder: "Marina Berlusconi: my father will not let go." Fotonotizia center: "Perugia, Alfano attacks: the robes never pay." Even in the middle: "Death for four euros an hour." Below: "Few births demographics condemn us."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "Although Moody's downgrades Italy." Editorial Massimo Riva: "So wrecked a country without a guide." Editorial by Barbara Spinelli, "Regaining the future." At the center fotonotizia: "Amanda: sooner or later come back now I am going to take back my life." Bottom: "Small grow a set of guidelines for obese mothers." Still down: "Revolution football on TV so foreign to the cards."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Moody's downgrades Italy." Editorial by Paul Johnson: "The cost of policy inaction". At the center fotonotizia "Napolitano: Barletta disaster unacceptable." Above: "Amanda comes home Alfano: no one pays for miscarriages of justice." Shoulder: "Putin's dreams of resurrecting the USSR". Bottom: Lisa Anne Farewell, brave 'beacon of life'. "

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "564,000,000 bales." Editorial Nicola Porro: "Moody's downgrades us the hand of Tremonti." At the center of the investigation: "Immigrants? There are already cost a business a billion. " Below: "Togas and irresponsible lawyers miraculous."

FREE - Opening: "like Amanda Silvio: 'I am persecuting me'." Shoulder: "'Early elections' The last kick of Julius the government." At the center of the fotonotizia: "The interception Boccassini discovers the plague." Bottom: "The Ambrosian Rite"

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Although Moody's downgrades Italy." Editorial by Roberto Napoletano: "If Italy is likely the effect balkanization." Above: "Many business and very few checks in the Lombardy Region." Fotonotizia: "Bags, Wall Street halts the collapse." Shoulder: "Saccomanni: no irrationality."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Moody's downgrades Italy." The editorial by Sergio Givone: "When the court becomes a stage." At the center of the fotonotizia: "Amanda, Alfano fight on the judges 'Do not ever pay'." Always at the center: "The women who died in the collapse worked for 4 euros an hour." Bottom: "The Adventure of the census at all good compilation." And again: "Historic Places and protected."

THE TIME - Opening: "Amanda also takes away the truth." The editorial by Mario Sechi: "The tradition of the new time." At the center, the fotonotizia: "They argue and Moody's downgrade." Below: "Wikipedia protest? There is Treccani ". Shoulder: "Lessons From ancient Rome to ensure".

UNITA '- At the center fotonotizia: "For four euros an hour." Valeria Fedeli's editorial: "The tears and struggle." Above: "Although Moody's downgrades Italy." Below: "Bonanni: Only government can create a new social pact." Still down: "Meredith, if the international judges and Alfano attacks."

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "International Crime". Editorial Marco Travaglio: "Suicide Meredith." At the center, "Cleaver Moody's downgraded Italy on government bonds." Fotonotizia: "Death and pay in black".

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