martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Italian newspapers Front Pages

BBC News - At the opening: "State, two of the scam works." In two boxes: "Hold the race for pensions in 2011 94mila less" and "consumption falling. Christmas shopping reduced by 400 million, "On the left, Giovanni Sartori's editorial:" A policy run out of ideas. " At the center, fotonotizia: "Al Qaeda opens the African front." IN low-cut, "Pato said: I, Barbara and Milan."
THE REPUBLIC - Opening "Pensions, the collapse of 30%.Consumption peak at Christmas. " On the right, fotonotizia: "The last farewell to Giorgio Bocca told that the partisan Italy." Left: "Tax evasion treasure hunt 150 billion." At the center: "Corruption is rampant change once the laws."
THE PRESS - Opening: "Consumption down, concerns about the BTP." Above: "The Pope just martyrs in Nigeria." On the right, inquiry: "LCA of Italian secret war in Afghanistan." At the center, fotonotizia: "Help, save my home from fire."
HOURS SUN 24 - Opening: "Less than pensions in 2011." Left: "the dead end that Europe should avoid," Giuliano Amato. Right: "The work and the work, the obligation to change" and "Pride found the Made in Italy". At the center, fotonotizia "anti-dollar pact between Tokyo and Beijing." In mid-cut: "A plan anti-waste 5 billion"
THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Consumption of Christmas peak." Below: "The plan for tax breaks Mountains." Left "The challenge of peace against the massacres" by Francesco Paolo Casavola. In the middle is "Third: to defend the Christians." At the center, fotonotizia: "Colosseum falls fragment".
THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Effect Mountains all is worse." At the center, fotonotizia: "Here are the exterminators of Christians." On the right, "Two things of Mouth. The most Italian of all anti-Italian "Victor Felts. In low-cut, "Farewell curriculum, better take the 'recommended'"
UNITY - At the center, fotonotizia: "The great fear." Above: "Nigeria, fundamentalist terror massacres in the Church" and "Giorgio Bocca Farewell who told the partisan Italy." IN low-cut: "A reform of the French."
TIME - Opening: "Monti prepares a bang at the end of year." On the left, Mario Sechi's editorial: "The manger of the beautiful country." At the center, fotonotizia: "Berlusconi. They are on track and we rest. " In low-cut: "Farewell to Mouth, free, and partisan."(IlVelino / AGV)

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