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Amanda: "I believe" Reminder: "Rift after 4 years of darkness."

PERUGIA - "It 'the first time that someone believes me ...". Amanda Knox appears raised to the attorney who reports his first comments to the turn in the murder case of Meredith Kercher young Englishman, after the outcome of the expert report prepared on the trail of DNA in the appeals process seems to remove the most important tests against her and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. The student appeared in the Seattle office "much calmer than in recent times." "A face that was reminiscent of the early days," said the lawyer Ghirga. "I always said - he repeated the Knox to his lawyer - that I had only used the knife in the house of Raffaele, never take it out of there," thought the student was in Seattle then went to her parents. "This expertise - he said - is a comfort for them. I have always believed and the results reinforce the belief that her daughter is not a murderer."

Reminder: "Rift after 4 years of darkness." Relief reported by the same urge, locked up in prison in Terni: "After four years of darkness, at last a glimmer of light." Referring to the position of his former girlfriend Amanda Knox, Sollecito, appeared more relaxed with her lawyer, said: "She is a victim of this absurd story. I have never entered the room where Meredith was killed, and I never knew Rudy Guede - reiterated the young - I had nothing to do with the crime. "

"Confident pending the ruling." A Sollecito, the lawyers gave Maori the full report filed yesterday, which he considers unreliable results obtained by the police on scientific evidence of DNA isolated from the hook of the bra worn when Kercher was killed on the knife, and considered the murder weapon . "He had however already knew the outcome - the lawyer said - the telegram I had sent him and then I heard it on television. I agree with the words of Raphael, which is visible light, but we are not yet at the end of the process. Expertise was an important milestone and we are well advanced. But we have not yet won. We must go forward - has concluded the lawyer Maori - pending the ruling for which we are still confident. "

President of the court: "No comment". "No comment, no comment is the duty of the judges," the judge said Giancarlo Massei, that in the first trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito had presided at the Assize Court had sentenced the two to 25 and 26 years in prison referring to expertise. According to the court, what happened "is part of the physiological processes".

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