martedì 20 settembre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Debt, downgraded Italy." Angelo Panebianco's editorial: "Another election law." Fotonotizia center: "High tension on Cyprus, Erdogan's threat, I will send the fleet." Shoulder: "The ferment of Catholics in search of a role," Massimo Franco. Below: "Mafia, the new accusations against the Minister Romano."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Standard and Poor's downgrades Italy." At the center, the fotonotizia: "The closer the sentence Mills, the PDL arises. Berlusconi Tarantini, procurement investigation. " Even the center's background Bei Francis: "Enough is enough, in the streets against the prosecutor." Shoulder: "Israel is at risk if you isolate the world." Bottom: "The boom in Chinese hairdresser."

THE PRESS - Opening: "too fragile country, S & P downgrades Italy." Top: Marcegaglia: Government time has expired, is discontinuity. " Editorial Ugo Magri, "Return the desire of the square." Shoulder: "If the crisis accelerates." At the center, the fotonotizia: "Farewell to the summer's craziest in the world." At the center, the background of Mark Zatterin: "Trichet: I have done my duty."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Party another torpedo." Editorial by Victor Felts: "The secession? A bullshit. " Fotonotizia center: "If Emma and Susanna block Italy." Shoulder: "The case Costamagna: Beautiful course, but rude." Below: "In the PD 94 is the fear."

FREE - Opening: "The naked escort Silvio leave the Democratic Party." Giampiero Mughini editorial: "Enough, disfiamoci Knight and bipolar." At the center of the fotonotizia: "Di Pietro also has its own trout, and now also takes Marrazzo."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "S & P cut the rating of Italy". Isabella Bufacchi editorial: "The high price of decay." At the center, the fotonotizia: "U.S.: Anti plan deficit of 3,600 billion." Bottom: "Bond to finance public works."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Debt, Italy rejected." The editorial by Francis Paul Casaola: "selection policy in the name of the father." At the center of the fotonotizia: "Even an ambush in Rome. The prosecutor: 'gang war is' ". Above: "Merkel: 'If the euro falls, collapses Europe'." Even in the middle: "Bari, investigated the prosecutor." Below: "In the viewfinder procurement Finmeccanica."

THE TIME - Opening: "Process for the Cav-flash" by David Giacalone. At the center, the fotonotizia "Storace-Marrazzo IDV at the party. Derby between former governors. " Below: "Reja has resigned. Indeed not. "

UNITA '- Opening: "Berlusconi, nightmare sentence." At the center of the fotonotizia: "Obama is moving, not Europe." Shoulder: "Save the euro", by Paolo Guerrieri.

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Sex crime contracts". Editorial Furio Colombo: "Secession, president intervenes." Shoulder: "The mandrill helpless" by Marco Travaglio.

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